Bodegas Cunqueiro

Our winery is located on the left bank of Minho River as it passes through the region of O'Ribeiro, produces grapes from different sites of origin of this name, parcel by parcel selected by those responsible for it.

Bodegas Francisco Fernández

Our winery was born in 1956. This antique brand has known how to adapt to the demands of modern times, bringing together modern technologies, as controlled fermentation, preservation in stainless steel tanks, ...

Bodegas Virxe de Galir

Our wineries are located in northwest Spain under the D.O. Valdeorras, which has a long wine tradition in Galcia. We produce wines under three different brands. PAGOS DE GALIR is the most recognized brand because the first and only wine Crianza under any Winde Designation of Origen in Galicia, comes from it.

Delicias Coruña

We offer a great variety of Galician pies, pasties, Galician bread and cakes. All of which are Galician products of exceptional quality, be it frozen or refrigerated (Galician pie).